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Concession Stand


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NBI maintains a concession stand during the regular league season and during our Summer Clash tournaments in early June. The Concession Stand plays an important role in providing players and their families convenient access to a wide range of food and beverages. It is also an important fundraiser for Neenah Baseball, helping offset the costs of many of our programs and allows us to maintain and improve fields and equipment. The Concession Stand relies heavily on parent volunteers in order to keep it functioning. It is a requirement of each player family to either volunteer to run the stand during league and tournament play, or to choose to pay the buyout fee during registration. Questions?  Please contact the Concession Stand Director.

You must choose and complete one DIBS Concession time slot per parent per child during the season, with a maximum of 4 time slots per family.

Example - One Player:

  • Both parents/guardians selected concessions for volunteering:  both parents must choose 1 time slots in DIBS
  • One parent/guardian selected concessions for volunteering and the other selected assistant coaching: the parent/guardian who selected concessions must choose 1 time slot on DIBS


Example: Two or more Players:

  • Both parents/guardians selected concessions for volunteering for both (or more) children: both parents must choose 2 time slot on DIBS - maximum of 4 total per family
  • One parent selected concessions for volunteering and the other chose assistant coaching for both children: the parent who selected concessions must choose 2 slots on DIBS


NBI uses DIBS to help you schedule your volunteer time. When you click on the DIBS link and click the Concessions DIB session, it opens a page that will allow you to choose the volunteer times that best fit your schedule.  You can filter for open slots, certain dates, or by a calendar view.

During your chosen slot in the concession stand you will be able to mark off that you completed your shift(s).  After all your slots for the season are complete, NBI will cancel the remaining $50 payment per slot you agreed to during registration.  If you do not show up to your scheduled shift, you will not be marked off, and after the season ends NBI will charge you the remaining $50 fee per unfilled slot.

If during your scheduled DIBS concession slot the league games are cancelled due to weather or field conditions, we would like you to look for another empty slot during the season.  If there are no slots available, your signup for the slot with a league cancellation will fulfill your obligation.


Thank you for making a difference!
Neenah Baseball Board of Directors